Robot Orchestra debut

This film features the debut performance of the Robot Orchestra at the city’s Museum of Science and Industry as part of Manchester’s Science Festival.

The performance featured Family Ranks and LayFullStop, who are by Manchester-based Brighter Sound which pioneers new ways to explore music-making.

Gavin Osborn also accompanied with a piece entitled ‘Etude for Flute and 16 Robots’ written by composer Camden Reeves, who is the Head of Music at The University of Manchester, while Caro C + Uno Prism, Manchester-based electronic music producers, brought their own contributions to the mix.

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The University of Manchester has been pioneering innovation in science and engineering since 1824. This year we celebrate our heritage when Manchester becomes the European City of Science.

Highlights from the EuroScience Open Forum 2016:

Manchester has always been a city of science – and our creativity and innovation has changed the world

Danielle George, professor of radio frequency and microwave communications at The University of Manchester.

Picture of Danielle George by © Paul Wilkinson

A new musical engineering revolution has begun

Robot Orchestra
The robots are coming – and it’s a sound that is music to the ears for a community of engineering pioneers.

Danielle George, an engineering professor from The University of Manchester, is leading an ambitious citizen science project to build a giant Robot Orchestra from discarded machines and technology to help Manchester celebrate its status as European City of Science

Manchester’s own Robot Orchestra aims to create an environmentally-friendly ensemble made up of ‘robots’ performing with instruments and recycled materials.

The public is also being encouraged to get involved by salvaging and donating unused technology, building the robots and the instruments, writing computer codes, hosting events or sharing their musical expertise.

“I want to show how everyone can discover the secret engineer inside themselves - and build an amazing machine from their imagination - a new musical engineering revolution has begun,” explained Professor Danielle George.

“I want to showcase the ingenuity, creativity and revolutionary spirit of the people of Manchester, and to explore how a city might creatively re-engineer and spread environmental and creative practices through performance.”

 The orchestra will consist of ‘electronic brains’ which create music by playing real instruments including violins, glockenspiels and xylophones, as well as redundant technology such as computer floppy disk drives and old desk fans which will make sounds themselves – and these will all be conducted by a robot designed by engineering giants Siemens.

The Hallé Orchestra has also composed a piece of music for the robots to play - and lots of independent composers are also writing pieces.

If you want to get involved visit the website at where you also can sign up to the mailing list to receive news and updates. You can also follow the hashtag #robotsarecoming on Twitter or follow Danielle @EngineerDG.


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