Fully funded PhDs still available with three of our CDTs

Fully funded PhDs are still available across three of our Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).

All of these positions promise to be multi-disciplinary, providing an exciting opportunity to utilise your current skillset at the same time as gaining new knowledge through interactions with students and researchers from an extremely wide spectrum.

There are no deadlines for applications, although all positions will begin in September 2015. If you think any of these PhDs could be the ideal next step in your career, follow the links below to find out how to apply.  

Power Networks

The Power Networks CDT is committed to reducing CO2 emissions, which requires a fundamental transformation in how power networks are designed, operated and financed. The Centre will help ensure future networks support the electrification of energy, especially heat and transport, and encourage greater use of low carbon energy sources.

Materials for Demanding Environments

Industry requires materials to perform well in increasingly demanding environments. The complex challenges they must contend with need an interdisciplinary approach in order to be tackled effectively.

Materials for Demanding Environments (M4DE) is a new training and research hub that aims to address complex industrial challenges. Our comprehensive training programme focuses on developing interdisciplinary skills and expertise.

Computer Science

The Manchester Centre for Doctoral Training in Computer Science proposes a new model of PhD training which combines the deep technical research study associated with the UK PhD with training and practical experience in creativity and innovation and scientific evaluation, and gives students experiences practicing their research skills by working with users from outside academia.

The programme uses two integrative themes to focus students on the challenges facing the next generation of researchers in computer science rather than particular methods associated with a research community. 

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