Faculty PhD Studentships

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has historically made up to a further 10 PhD studentships (also known as Dean’s Awards) in previous years, although this is not usually announced until around February time. These awards are open to all nationalities and research areas within the Faculty.

The awards have been allocated to outstanding applicants seeking PhD training opportunities in previous years. Based on the academic track-record of applicants, and evidence of research potential, we have selected from across our applicants.

The Faculty PhD Studentships have covered tuition fees plus a £14,000 stipend/living allowance


Applicants must have obtained (or expect to obtain) a minimum first-class honours degree (or equivalent), and ideally hold a Masters-level qualification at merit or distinction (or equivalent). They should also have a track-record of engaging with research. This may include contributions to publications/articles, promoting their research to a wider audience, prizes/accolades for previous research work, setting up research collaborations with other groups etc.

How to apply

Full details of our research programmes can be found on the main Faculty website:

This website also has links if you need to submit a PhD application.

You would need to be nominated for the Faculty PhD Studentships by the Department that you are applying to (e.g. Chemistry). There is not a separate application form for you to complete for the Award, you should simply mention the Faculty PhD Studentship to the Department during the application process (e.g. in the funding section of the application form or by email to the admissions office). It would be helpful if your application can be clear as to what sources of funding you may have available to you or may also be applying to as some of the awards will be held in conjunction with other scholarships/monies. The Department may need to get certain pieces of information from you if they are nominating you for the award. They will also need to have decided that they can make an offer of a place to you.

The deadline date for nominations has not been set yet, as the Faculty will normally be reviewing these across the Faculty. You should aim to be in contact with the Department in advance of that.

Any enquiries on Faculty PhD Studentships (Dean’s Awards) within the Faculty of Science and Engineering should be directed to the relevant Department.


Please note that we have tried to make the process similar to the President’s Doctoral Scholarship Awards so that applicants can be considered for either/both without extra effort on their part although only one of the awards can be held at any one time


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