Analytical equipment


  • TA Ares controlled strain and Bohlin controlled stress rheometers; for the rheology and viscosity of solutions, dispersions and gels.
  • Rheosense e-VROC viscometer.              
  • Anton Parr microviscometer;  for the accurate determination of low viscosity fluids such as inkjet inks.
  • Brookfiled LV-II viscometer.

Surface tension and surface energy

  • Kruss FTA100 with controlled temperature and environmental chamber for determination of surface tension, contact angle and surface energy of fluids and substrates.
  • Particle Size Analysis
  • Dynamic light scattering, Malvern Nanosizer Z (NIBS) with flow cell, Zetasizer ESA9800 and a Coulter counter. For the determination of particle size and distribution covering the broad size range 1nm to 250μm. Zeta potential can also be determined.

Deposited structures

Access to a number of imaging technologies including:

  • AFM, sub-nanometer vertical and lateral resolution for surface characterization
  • STM, characterisation of conducting and semiconducting surfaces down to a sub-molecular level.
  • SEM, TEM and Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope (NSOM) for the imaging of printed structures.
  • Veeco Dektak 8 Surface Profilometer and optical interferometry for surface topography and roughness
  • X-ray diffraction capability including powder and single crystal diffractometers.  We can provide access across the academic partners in The School of Materials

Thermal characterisation

  • Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA)   measure a wide range of forces, such as torsion, tension, bend and shear in polymers, as a function of the temperature and humidity
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) – The Perkin Elmer Pyris1A measure thermal transitions in polymers, such as glass transition and to melting point. In liquid crystalline materials it can be used to determine phase transitions and to measure the enthalpy involved.
  • TA Q5000IR hi-resolution TGA evaluate the stability of organic materials and polymersFlow micro-calorimetry is also available.

For our other equipment, see the pages for our materials printers and three-dimensional suite.

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