Professor Ann Webb

Associate Dean (Graduate Education)

Professional biography

Ann graduated from Reading University with a BSc in Physics and Meteorology, then gained a PhD in Environmental Physics from Nottingham University and, later, a DSc from UMIST. She spent 3 years as a researcher in a medical environment in USA, applying her knowledge of sunlight to understanding its effects on human health. She returned to the UK, Reading University and work with a more atmospheric focus before joining UMIST as a lecturer in Physics, and then moving into the School of Earthand Environmental Sciences at University of Manchester where she is a Professor in the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences. After serving as Postgraduate Director for the School she is now Associate Dean for Graduate Education.

Ann continues to teach atmospheric physics to students in a number of Schools. Her research work remains at the interface between disciplines, with radiation and (sun)light as a central theme. She has strong collaborations with the Medical School and photobiologists as well as modelling and experimental work in the atmospheric sciences. A topical interest in which she specialises is vitamin D synthesis by the skin after exposure to (solar) UV radiation, while other work explores, for example, the scattering of radiation by ice crystals. The multidisciplinarity of Ann’s work is also apparent in the external positions she holds. In addition to several roles at the World Meteorological Organisation, she is the current President of CIE (Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage, or International Commission for Illumination).

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