Women of Wonder

As a university and as a faculty we are committed to equality and diversity and work hard to ensure that we are gender inclusive. We actively encourage women to join us to further their education and careers and are proud of the outstanding work that they carry out in their tenures here.

In our faculty we have a number of female colleagues who have been designated as our ‘Women of Wonder’ to highlight and celebrate their work and research and how it impacts upon our communities and our world.

We regularly carry out work to encourage women into STEM, and work closely with our local communities to reach out to our next generation of scientists and engineers. We want to ensure that they are offered the right opportunities and advice that will enable them to further their education and take up careers in STEM. You can find out more about the work we do in the Greater Manchester Area through the Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub.‌

The women in our teams make us who we are as a Faculty, they give us our distinctive identity as a University and they contribute to pushing the boundaries of our knowledge in science and engineering. You can find out more about their unique stories through our ‘Women of Wonder’ interviews here and by joining us online through our social media channels and offline through our events and initiatives, courses and research, and help us to continue the conversation about the pioneering work that women in the Faculty, University and around the world are doing to make our societies better and more inclusive places to live.

Dr Megan Jobson and her advice for women looking to follow a career in STEM.

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