Case studies

Examples of our Faculty's efforts towards:

  • Outstanding benefit to society through research

    Winner: Alice Bows-Larkin, Kevin Anderson & the FSE Comms Team, Professor of Climate Science and Energy Policy (Tyndall Manchester) School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

    The Paris climate change conference (COP21) in December 2015 gave Manchester an opportunity to apply its expertise to this global challenge - and to showcase how our Beacon research is helping to make the world work better. To achieve this a planned media relations campaign was designed and successfully implemented. For their research into climate change and how they used the oppurtunity of the paris climate change conference in December to showcase how our research is helping to make the world work better. The winners worked with the FSE Communications team to plan for the event so that the media could be briefed in advance and plan of action was put in place, including linking with policy@manchester which resulted in coverage in the national and international press. In excess of 150 stories were generated as a result of their involvement at the COP21 conference.

    Highly Commended: Grant Allen, Senior Research Fellow, School of Earth and Environmental Science

    Grant leads a research project to assess the potential enviromental impact of fracking in Lancashire and Yorkshire. He operates two state-of-the-art measurement stations to record baseline air quality and greenhouse gas emissions such that future impacts from shale gas can be interpreted against the background environment prior to fracking.

  • Outstanding contribution to widening participation

    Winner: Dr Frank Mair and the Chemistry Outreach team (Meriel Barham, Dr Jonathan Agger, WP fellows, Dr Kat Presland and student Volunteers) Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, School of Chemistry

    We seek to target all of our activities, whether directly funded by UoM Widening Participation funds, otherwise, to raising aspirations in low-participation neighbourhoods.

    Highly Commended: Bilal Kaddouh, Widening Participation Fellow, PhD Candidate, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

    Bilals work as a Widening Participation Fellow has pushed the boundaries in terms of delivering encouraging and exciting engineering activities that promote Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. Bilal designs novel, bespoke workshops for on-campus event days, and also delivers workshops and talks at schools around greater Manchester.

    Highly Commended: Chris Blanford, Senior Lecturer in Biomaterials, School of Materials

    As part of the Charlotte Beswick memorial event on 10th December 2015, 46 GCSE students tried out their hands at repairing a real bone by choosing materials to maximise strength and minimise weight.

  • Outstanding student-led public engagement activity

    Winner: The Jodcast, Astronomy podcast, School of Physics and Astronomy

    The Jodcast is a podcast that brings research astronomy to a wide and diverse audience. It takes the form of a twice monthly, hour long show in which we describe the night sky, interview visiting academics, answer listener questions and round up the latest astronomy news to ~10,000 listeners worldwide.

    Highly Commended: Philip Thomas, PhD researcher at the NowNano Doctoral Training Centre, School of Physics and Astronomy

    The initiative aims to engage (and re-engage) students with science through school talks showing how "boring" science can be used in exciting applications, paticulary in the weirder realms of nanoscience.

    Highly Commended: Josh Hayes, Luke Simpson and UMPO (Univeristy of Manchester Physics Outreach) Physics undergraduate student group, School of Physics and Astronomy

    UMPO, an entirely student run outreach team coming up with creative ways to engage new audiences with physics – initially developed by two physics undergraduates as a summer project, this has expanded to a group of 100 student volunteers sharing their knowledge of and enthusiasm for physics with the public and schools.

  • Outstanding staff-led public engagement activity

    Winner: Andrew Hazel, Kees van Schaik, Charles Walkden, Helen Harper, Sebastian Rees, Alan Turing Cryptography Competition Team, School of Mathematics.

    The Alan Turing Cryptography Competition is a national web-based competition for schoolchildren, suing stories and cryptography to interest them in mathematical ideas.

    Highly Commended: School of Materials Outreach Group, Sonja Andrew, Tracy Bate, Christopher Blanford, Sarah Haigh, Laura Winters, Senior lecturers (SA, CB), Reader (SH), PSS (TB), former PSS now RAEng(LW), School of Materials

    Creation of structures for sustained, coordinated public engagement to promote materials science in all its diversity.

    Materials Outreach Group

    Highly Commended: Teresa Chilton and ‘Potentia North’ student think-tank, Project Manager, FSE Office

    Government wants to create a Northern Powerhouse to better balance the UK economy. Our activity posed the question: ‘What if energy policy was also devolved – how would we develop a strategy that could power the Northern Powerhouse?’ In answer we set up our own think-tank made up of Manchester PhD students and named Potentia North. This group drew on a range of expertise with national and regional policy-makers and advisors to help showcase Manchester expertise in a Beacon area of research.


    Highly Commended: Earth and Solar system Team, Isotope Group Members, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

    Public engagement activities undertaken by the ‘Earth and Solar System’ group, promoting planetary and terrestrial science research activities, laboratory techniques and space exploration involvement to a wide audience using a range of approaches including in person talks, show and tell events, media appearances and social media platforms.

  • Outstanding volunteering activity

    Winner: Fiona Colton, Mark Chadwick, Andrea Taylor, Julia Cheung, Alison Hamilton; Bryony Waddington; Lamees Jfairi, Sewing Laboratory Technician, FSE eLearning Manager, School of Materials

    Staff from the School of Materials, their families and friends teamed up with the Great Kathmandu Restaurant to make a difference in Nepal. We made children clothes for families affected by the earthquake, and Nepalese hats to sell locally to raise money to send shelters and water filters to Nepal.

    Highly Commended: Christine Martyniuk & Meriel Barham, Recruitment and Admissions Administrator, School of Chemistry

    The Ross Rest Room is a space within the School of Chemistry which all staff can use for relaxation, to attend specially-arranged wellbeing and other events, or simply to take a break away from their desks. The room was created at minimal cost, via voluntary activity and the use of recycled furniture.

    Highly Commended: MECD Faculty Project Team, Manchester Engineering Campus Development Project, FSE Office

    We ran two campaigns (summer toiletries & winter warmers) to help raise donations for local charity, Life share in order for them to support the homeless.

  • Outstanding social enterprise of the year

    Winner: Kevin Warren including several people at the Dalton Cumbrian Facility, Operations Director

    Innovus is a project established by The University of Manchester from its Dalton Cumbrian Facility in Partnership with the National Nuclear Laboratory which has in its first two years led to over £2.6m additional investment into commercialising innovative technologies in Cumbria and is forecast top create over there hundred jobs.


  • Outstanding contribution to environmental sustainability

    Winner: Catherine Davies, TSM/SSA, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

    This nomination is in recognition of the tremendous work Cath has produced in support of Goal 3 Social Responsibility and more specifically in the area of Environmental Sustainability over the past several years.

    Highly Commended: Kathy England, Project Support Manager, FSE Office

    Co-ordination and support of the University Bicycle Users’ Group (UMBUG) – the largest BUG in the UK HE Sector with over 1200 members and counting. Aligned to general support of cycling activity at the University, within Greater Manchester and particularly with regard to female participation.

  • Outstanding contribution to improving equality and diversity

    Winner: Mark Hughes, Senior Lecturer, School of Physics and Astronomy

    Mark is always involved indifferent diversity initiatives bringing enthusiasm and drive to all aspects, regardless of the equality group.

    Highly Commended: Sabah Salih, Computer Manager, School of Physics and Astronomy

    Physics and Astronomy have an annual international day event in the School in Oct/Nov time. The event encourages staff and students to attend to raise awareness of the many different nationalities and cultures within the School. We currently have staff and students from 32 different countries.

  • Special Award for Social Responsibility

    Winner: Collin Baines, Paul Jordan, Catherine Davies, Richard Cutting(FSE Apprenticeship Management Team), FSE Technical Apprentice Programme, FSE Faculty Office

    The main aims of the apprenticeships is to provide local young learners with the opportunity to train as an apprentice gaining valuable transferable skills that will afford the opportunity to develop a rewarding career as a specialist laboratory or mechanical support technician within the University.

    Winner: Adrian Parker, Steve Oliver, Diane Masterson-Kerr, FSE Business Administration Apprentice programme, FSE Faculty office.

    FSE have engaged with University development in the employment of Apprentices to offer career opportunities in business administration as a great route to employment for young people. Our Scheme enables people who have struggled in the formal education system to thrive whilst studying for a work-based qualification.

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