Ed Potter working with young people in Uganda

Ed Potter’s Youth Sports Project helped to improve the lives of young people in Uganda

Ed and a group of Physics students fundraised for spending a summer in Uganda volunteering to improve the lives of young people there.

Ed raised over £5000 to finance a self-organised trip to Uganda, recruiting four other students to join him where he visited eight secondary and primary schools and youth groups, using sports training sessions as a medium to connect with girls and boys to promote the importance of education, looking after themselves and their responsibilities to others in society. He gave away sports clothing donated by the University and by Manchester United as incentives for achievements in the classroom.

The fundraising included car washes, dining events, and a basketball tournament.Ed also used links with Manchester United and the University of Manchester Athletic Union to take out over 50 items of sportswear that were distributed to select children at local schools in Uganda as an incentive for classroom performance. The project also consisted of using sport as a means to reinforce good educational practices such as abstention from sex at a young age through talks with the children. Sports and talk sessions were delivered to over 300 children during the trip, and the children as well as their teachers and coaches were left feeling inspired.


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