Lennox Green’s work in his community

Voluntary youth work and worked with the homeless for over 30 years – Lenox Green

Lenox Green, School of Mathematics, has helped to make a difference in supporting youth work and the homeless for over thirty years. Around thirteen years ago, Lenox and his wife re-mortgaged their home in order to set up a community based project. Rainbow Christian Centre specialises in prioritising families in poverty and the homeless.

Over the years, the centre has set-up weekly youth meetings, Saturday film nights with refreshments and gym nights. Lenox also runs a food bank on Friday evenings which helps 25 local families that are in food poverty, as well as supplying them with second-hand clothing. In addition to these inspiring initiatives, the team undertakes outreach work with the citys homeless and rough sleepers. Unfortunately some of the homeless youths on the citys streets are as young as 18 – fresh out of care homes.

Speaking about the impressive work, Lenox adds I love the voluntary work that I do and the people that I try to help and support, and I believe I have helped to make a better world for a few of the less fortunate people in our local community.

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