Nuclear decommissioning

The Sellafield Ltd. and University of Manchester Effluents and Decontamination Training Centre Researchers

Researchers from the Schools of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Chemistry are all undertaking projects on the Sellafield nuclear facility. Sellafield is the hub of the UK’s nuclear fuel cycle and has been operating for 60 years. It is Europe’s largest environmental remediation project with a £113,000,000,000 price tag for clean-up, and where research ingenuity is needed to deliver safe decommissioning. Working closely with industry, they have gained unprecedented insight into the research challenges on site and are applying their research to solve key problems. By doing so, this has fostered an excellent forum for exchange with the professionals on site and the researchers have delivered training events, presented their work at international events and conferences and spoken to several thousand members of the public on nuclear clean-up issues.

The researchers include Hollie Ashworth, Lynn Foster, Melodie Herbas, Robert Jones, Julija Konovalovaite, Adam Lang, Joshua Moore, Thomas Neill, Irina Nedyalkova, Thomas Sanders, Josh Weatherill and Ellen Winstanley. Their research is making a difference and by accessing state-of-the art facilities such as the Diamond Light Source to help analyse their experiments, their specialist skills are already helping to clean up the UK’s nuclear legacy. 

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