An idea will remain an idea if there is no initiative

Tian Mei Tan

Many people see problems around them, but few take the initiative to make a change. Tian Mei, School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, took action and did what she thought needed to be done around her – either by educating the correct ways to perform CPR or by providing socialising and gathering platforms for students so they don’t become isolated. In her time spent at the University, Tian Mei has volunteered to help the less fortunate with the time and energy whenever she can. She was involved in multiple fundraising events to bring warm and joy to the elderly at Age UK, the children in Barnardos Children’s Centre and Francis House.

Through this volunteering work, Tain Mei’s initiatives have successfully made an impact on others’ lives, which will hopefully create a ‘chain reaction’ and influence many more people to take action and help others. Akin to the ‘butterfly effect’, Tain Mei truly believes if everyone is willing to take the very first step to make a small change around us, the world would be a much better place to live. 

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