United in Manchester is an International Summer School running for five weeks between
11 July and
7 August 2018

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United in Manchester

brings together...


At United in Manchester you will work within a team to create and test a new product idea.

Do you want to:

  • collaborate with students from around the world and a range of disciplines;
  • develop your social and communication skills;
  • get experience of team working, project planning and decision-making;
  • get constructive feedback from professionals and academics;
  • learn how to start your own business?

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By attending United in Manchester your students will:

  • experience working in cross-discipline teams;
  • have their creative skills released;
  • have a varied cultural experience;
  • gain Manchester credits (dependent on their assessment outcomes);
  • assimilate valuable employability skills.

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By being an ‘Official United in Manchester’ partner you will:

  • support students learning how to develop a team working ethic;
  • assist in the cultivation of cross-cultural, cross-discipline team working;
  • gain access to new user generated product ideas;
  • enhance your organisations global presence;
  • build your reputation within the Higher Education sector.

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...from across the world to the city that changed the world and to the University that played a key part in those changes. United in Manchester provides a platform for international students to collaborate to produce ideas that will change the future once again.

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