Research and development for you

Collaboration of research and development is tailored to meet a companies individual requirements. It may consist of anything from a day of consultancy to a major international collaborative partnership.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has years of experience and a strong track record of collaboration with industry. Our Departments are highly rated in national and international evaluation exercises.

Our graduates are well recognised for their ability to fit into an industrial or business environment.

We have a strong ability to manage and facilitate interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary work. We have clear management structures in place to facilitate this work to meet the needs facing industry today.

We can help your business to:

  • Work closely with academic staff to build a relevant and comprehensive portfolio of research activity.
  • Bring together the exact mix of research and expertise needed to meet your company's specific development needs.
  • Identify, protect and exploit intellectual property.
  • Assess the commercial viability of knowledge.
  • Balance commercial needs with academic publication.

We can also advise on a wide range of public funding mechanisms for pre-emptive research collaborations between industry and academia, and assist with day-to-day details such as finance and administration. The University's staff are well trained, with experience in contract and project management.

Other forms of collaboration:

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