Academic collaborations

  • Dr. Patrick Smith, Lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK
  • Prof. Ted Parker, Emeritus Professor of radio communications, School of Engineering and Digital Art, University of Kent, UK
  • Dr. John Batchelor, Reader in Antenna technology, School of Engineering and Digital Art, University of Kent, UK
  • Prof. Shlomo Madgassi, professor of applied chemistry at the Institute of Chemistry and the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Dr. Jeff Odell, visiting research fellow at the School of Physics, University of Bristol
  • Kennedy Cruickshank, Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Mike Sherratt, Institute of Inflammation and Repair
  • Rachel Watson, Institute of Inflammation and Repair
  • Christoph Ballestrem, Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Erik Sahai, Cancer Research UK, London
  • Carole Maldonado-Codina, Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Rachel Lennon, Institute of Human Development

Industrial collaborations

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