The University of Manchester Centre for Digital Fabrication has the largest concentration of inkjet related academic expertise within the UK focused upon both the greater understanding of the inkjet process as well as its exploitation into existing and novel application areas. 

Areas of fundamental research include:

  • Influence of fluid formulation on the drop generation process.
  • Influence of the drop generation process on fluid properties.
  • Drop substrate interactions on non-porous, porous and heterogeneous surfaces.
  • Resolution of printed features, drop-drop interaction, feature stability,
  • Drying and solidification of printed drops, the coffee stain (ring) effect.
  • Film formation of 2D through to 3D structures.
  • Advanced fluid mechanic simulation of drop formation and interaction with substrates.
  • Novel functional materials including polymers, ceramics, metals, liquid crystals, structured carbons, graphene, biological materials and nano-dispersions.

Our equipment

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