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landmine detecting equipment

Sensing danger

Could you tell a landmine from a bottle top?

Landmines represent a global threat of loss of life and injury for over 60 million people in the 59 countries and territories where landmines remain. For many people in these countries their next step could be on a bottle top….or a landmine.

The Electromagnetic Sensing Group at The University of Manchester, supported by The Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation, are playing their part in the global fight to rid the world of landmines by developing a new metal detector combining multi-frequency metal detection, ground penetrating radar and in-time positioning data. We hope that our detector will make landmine clearance faster and safer for deminers – the people carrying out the detection and excavation of mines – for humanitarian organisations across the world.

We’re taking part in Royal Society Summer Science 2021 as we want to show how engineering research such as ours can be at the heart of helping to solve global, humanitarian problems. We also want to highlight the continuing landmine problem around the world and what humanitarian organisations are doing to combat it.

So please scroll on below where you can have a go at demining yourself with our Sensing Danger game, immerse yourself in the demining process with real 360° footage from a minefield, and learn about the Landmine Free 2025 campaign to free the world of landmines.

Play the sensing danger game

Try out demining for yourself and see how good you are at detecting landmines.

View as full screen

The global landmine challenge

Search the map below to find out about countries still working to free their land from landmines, as well as some that have successfully been declared landmine free.

Demining in 360°

The below video shows 360° footage of real demining operations conducted by MAG in Battambang, Cambodia in June 2021. Scroll around the footage to see MAG deminers working to prepare the detection lane and carrying out detection and excavation of potential landmines..

We would like to thank the Sir Bobby Charlton Foundation for funding our research and supporting Sensing Danger. We would like to thank MAG for their help in developing Sensing Danger. Please visit the Landmine Free 2025 website to find out more about the campaign.

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