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Faculty of Science and Engineering

Events in the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Find out more about events, seminars and public lectures in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Sony Hackathon

09:30 - 19:30 09 June 2023

We have partnered with Sony to bring a one day Hackathon to Manchester. This event is open to students from any discipline across the Faculty of Science and Engineering and beyond. Coding skills are not essential as winners will equally well include those with the brightest ideas and visionary pitches as much as for those who can excel in...

The University of Manchester Community Festival 2023

11:00 - 16:00 10 June 2023

There's so much to do at our Community Festival! Ever fancied hunting for the stars, tickling a robot or fighting killer fungus? Ever wondered how strong chocolate is, how the nervous system works or wanted to share your Manchester memories? On 10 June 2023 we’re inviting you and all our friends and neighbours in the local community to go behind...

Phononics 2023: 6th International Conference on Phononic Crystals/Metamaterials/Metasurfaces, Phonon Transport, Topological Phononics

12 - 16 June 2023

Phononics 2023 is the sixth conference dedicated to analysis and manipulation of phonons (vibrations in solids), connecting researchers interested in phononic crystals, acoustic, elastic, nanophononic, and thermal metamaterials, metasurfaces, wave propagation in periodic structures, nano-scale phonon transport, optomechanics and phonon coupling.

Academic career planning for PGRs and research staff

10:00 - 13:00 13 June 2023

This workshop will explore the academic career pathway and the expectations on The University of Manchester academics. It will also provide ideas and support to help you develop yourself to maximise your chances of securing an academic position. By the end of the workshop you will have: • Identified academic pathways and key academic activities • Gained...

IDSAI | Advances in Data Science and AI Conference 2023

08:30 - 18:30 13 June 2023

The Institute of Science and AI's annual Advances in Data Science and AI (ADSAI) Conference will take place on Tuesday 13 June in Manchester. This is a Digital Futures activity. The conference brings together researchers from across the broad fields within data science and artificial intelligence to explore the latest advances and to discuss...

Manchester Number Theory Seminar - Miriam Norris

15:00 - 16:00 13 June 2023

Speaker: Miriam Norris (Manchester) Title: Lattice graphs for representations of GL3(F_p) Abstract: In recent work Le, Le Hung, Levin and Morra have proved a generalisation of Breuil’s Lattice conjecture in dimension three. This involved showing that lattices inside representations of GL3(F_p) coming from both a global and a local construction...

The Department of Materials Conference 2023

13 - 14 June 2023

Welcome to the Department of Materials PGR conference 2023. We hope that you find the PGR conference enjoyable, providing you with an opportunity to learn about other students’ projects, as well as networking. The conference will consist of poster presentations, presented by year 1 and year 3 PGRs and oral presentations from year 2 PGRs. Additionally,...

Are clinicians the forgotten people of digital health inequities?

13:00 - 14:00 14 June 2023

The University of Manchester's Christabel Pankhurst Institute, supported by ARC-GM, is running a programme of work around digital health inequities. As part of this, we are hosting a seminar series about the topic with speakers from different disciplines who have done exemplary research on understanding, identifying or addressing digital health...

ELLIS Summer School on Machine Learning for Healthcare and Biology

14 - 16 June 2023

Manchester’s European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) unit is hosting a Summer School in June 2023 which will bring participants up-to-speed on the latest methods and technologies in machine learning with a focus on healthcare and biology. The school includes a set of Lectures by renowned researchers at the intersection...

Building an inclusive workforce for all ages

13:00 - 14:15 15 June 2023

In this presentation we will explore the topic of Building an inclusive workforce for all ages. We currently have 5 generations in the workplace and each of these generations bring a wealth of unique skills, knowledge, outlooks, experience and expectations. This creates diverse workplaces which can also bring its challenges for employers. How...