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Faculty of Science and Engineering

Graphic representation of the earth and the universe

Spotlight on: Space

Welcome to the first Faculty of Science and Engineering Research Spotlight.

This month we are highlighting just a few examples of the huge range of vital space-related research work done by academics and researchers around the Faculty – from launching more sustainable satellites to improving what we can see of, and learn from, space. Below are some highlights, but there is lots more to dig into, linked below. 

Watch: our latest space research

Watch: space bitesize

Making satellites for very low Earth orbits.

How we led a project to launch a satellite on a SpaceX mission. 

Space bricks

Manchester scientists made space bricks that could be used on Mars. 

Discover: our case studies

  • Child stood against a blackboard of space shapes
  • Jodrell bank telescope at sunset
  • Graphical representation of particle physics
  • Graphic representation of space satellites on the ground

Discover: facts and figures


Discover: learn more about our space research