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PhDs in Science and Engineering

Group of PhD students talking

Life as a researcher

Here at Manchester, we want to help transform your future.

"The people here create a ‘Manchester culture’, something that’s really inclusive. It’s a great thing to feel!"

Chithrambary / First year researcher in the Department of Materials

We’ll help you find your own purpose. Supported by experts in the field, we’ll ensure you make breakthroughs on projects that matter to you. We’ll give you opportunities to share ideas across disciplines, collaborate with leading minds, and explore in an ambitious environment.

We’ll also make sure you enjoy the lifestyle and career that comes with living in Manchester: a place famous for its trailblazing spirit.

Meet our researchers

Ours is a diverse community. Discover some of the talented researchers happy to call Manchester home.

Hear from Charlotte

Charlotte, a postgraduate researcher, in a lab Play

Charlotte's story

Charlotte talks about life as a postgraduate researcher.

“My PhD is funded by the University, so I receive a monthly stipend.

"I’m also in the process of patenting some of my early results. It’s really exciting to look into this world I don’t have experience in.

"In my spare time I really love just walking around Manchester; there’s something for everyone here.

Hear from Toufic

Toufic, a postgraduate researcher, in a lab Play

Toufic's story

Toufic talks about life as a postgraduate researcher.

“The research that we do here, doesn't really happen anywhere else. So it's quite unique.

"As a scientific researcher you develop a lot of skills that can be applied in different files, like data analysis, project management, scientific methodology.

"It’s really not as daunting as you might think. My advice? Don’t be afraid, just go for it.”

Hear from Jie

Jie, a postgraduate researcher, stretching after a run Play

Jie's story

Jie talks about life as a postgraduate researcher.

“At Manchester there's a lot of collaboration with industry and other universities which is great when you look for a job.

"I have attended two conferences this year and then later I will visit Cape Town for another conference.

"It’s not easy to be a postgraduate researcher; but there are a lot of opportunities. Enjoy it."

Welcome to our Doctoral Academy

As a postgraduate researcher at a world-leading institute, we’re keen to ensure that you’re well supported during your time here. It’s our role to help you develop new skills and make the most of our industry partnerships, so that you’ll gain the experience, reputation, profile and credibility you need to give your future an advantage.

We achieve this through our Doctoral Academy.

Our goal is to create an open and supportive environment, where there are no limits to what you can achieve. We’ll foster your development in three key ways:

  • Helping you to become a research star in your area, by developing your ability to make breakthroughs - large and small - supported by an expert supervisory team.
  • Enhancing your education within the field you’ve chosen, with training tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Guiding you to gain the transferable skills you’ll need to take into your chosen career, whether it be in academia, industry, policy or beyond.

We believe in collaboration, so whilst you’re expected to take responsibility for your specific programme, we’ll create the environment that you’ll need to make an impact in the world.

Together, we’ll ensure that there are no barriers to what you want to achieve at Manchester.

Advice from our researchers

Whether you’re not sure where to start with your application, or have questions about how to prepare for an upcoming project, it’s always useful to get a little advice.

Here are some of our current PhD researchers talking about their experience of the PhD life, and what they’ve learnt along the way.

Listen to even more advice from our PhD researchers >>