Dual-award between The University of Manchester and IIT Kharagpur

The University of Manchester and the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur have partnered to offer a dual-award PhD programme in a variety of projects across the Faculty of Science and Engineering, with applicants spending four years across Manchester and Kharagpur.

Scientist Looking into a microscope

Broaden your horizons, take advantage of the incredible opportunity to conduct your research in two countries and benefit from world-class academic supervision of two leading institutions.

Why undertake a dual-award?

  • Embrace the challenge of living abroad in a brand new country.
  • Form part of a talented cohort seeking to address challenges across science and engineering, and choose from a range of projects.
  • Develop a global perspective and international fluency to benefit your future development, opening the door to exciting new job opportunities.
  • Boost your intercultural skills and become part of a talented pool of prospective employees for UK academia and industry.

About the programme

The dual-award programme builds upon the strategic partnership that has been developed between The University of Manchester and IIT Kharagpur.

The partnership has capitalised upon the expertise, facilities and infrastructure of both institutions, and has been characterised by impactful research across a number of thematic areas including:

  • Biomaterials
  • Geochemistry
  • Industry 4.0

Students enrolled on the newly launched programme can expect to benefit from the world-class academic supervision of two globally renowned universities as they spend two years based at each institution.

Competitive scholarship opportunities will be available for successful applicants to secure a varying degree of support including tuition fee sponsorship and top-up awards for living costs.

Admission for the third cohort of students for the University of Manchester and IIT Kharagpur Dual-Award PhD programme is currently being rolled out.


Funding for this dual-award programme includes tuition fees and standard living allowances at both institutions for all four years, including two years at UKRI minimum stipend rate while in Manchester.

Recruitment for 2024/25 is now closed, please expect a call for 2025/26 to be live in the late summer/early autumn 2024.


If you have any queries about the programme, please don't hesitate to get in touch:

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur