Equality, diversity & inclusion

Our Faculty is committed to having an inclusive culture where all staff, students and visitors feel that they are treated in a fair and equal manner in all areas of study and employment.

Dr Caroline Jay, part of the Women of Wonder at The University of Manchester

Launched for International Women's Day in March, see our Women of Wonder campaign which shines a spotlight on some of our great female scientists and engineers.

All staff are valued equally and where there is a need to give extra support to staff in certain circumstances, the Faculty works hard to address this need e.g. there are some policies that specifically support those with caring responsibilities. Many of our Departments have family friendly policies ensuring that staff with caring responsibilities outside of work are not put at a disadvantage or excluded e.g. meetings only being held during core hours. The University also has a number of staff networks which can provide staff with peer support and provide a voice to groups who otherwise may not feel that their voices could be heard.

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Athena SWAN and Race Equality Charter Mark

As a demonstration to our commitment, all of our Departments hold Athena SWAN awards.

‌The Athena SWAN Charter is a scheme that recognises and celebrates good practice towards the advancement of gender equality: representation, progression and success for all.

Three of our Departments; Physics and Astronomy, Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science and the Chemistry hold Silver Awards, the other Departments hold Bronze.

More information about the Athena SWAN Charter and how you can be involved can be found on

Race Equality Mark

Our Faculty is dedicated to ensuring a fair and safe workplace for people of all races, as well as addressing the racial inequalities found in higher education.

The Race Equality Mark aims to inspire cultural and systemic changes to help the progression of minority groups in higher education.

More information on the Race Equality Charter Mark can be found on:

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